Mission Trip Fundraising Options

FundScrip Gift Cards

As a fundraiser for the 2017 CWAA Mission Trip, we are selling gift cards through FundScrip. Basically, you pay face value for gift cards that you can use for your normal purchases (groceries, gas, clothing, restaurants, home improvement supplies, etc.), and CWAA gets a percentage from each gift card you buy. We are not asking you to spend extra money that you don’t normally spend. We are simply asking you to plan ahead and buy gift cards through FundScrip for the purchases that you will be making anyway.

To place orders in support of our mission trip, you can click the link below and place an online order for gift cards that will be directly shipped to you. Or you can place an order with CWAA for any of the order dates listed below. You can expect to receive your gift cards within about 1 week from the order date. See below for order form.

Order Date:

  • Tuesday, December 6, 2016

FundScrip Order Form FundScrip Brochure

Sample Fundraising Letter

Think of as many relatives, church members and friends as you can. Personalize the sample fundraising letter. Send it out to a bunch of people.

Sample Fundraising Letter