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Fundraiser Thermometer Tracks Goal Reached SuccessFundraising for a mission trip can be a daunting task! The fee for each student who goes on the 2017 CWAA Mission Trip will be about $2500 CAD. That is a lot of money – especially when our students’ families are already paying tuition for them to attend CWAA!

So why will this mission trip be so expensive? International travel is not cheap! There is also that minor detail that the Canadian dollar is now pretty low in value. This means that when people from Canada want to pay for things in other countries, it often requires more of our money! What can we do about this? How about praying that the value of the Canadian dollar rises before the mission trip! In the meantime, it is important to budget and plan for the trip as if the value of our dollar will continue to be low.

What does the trip fee cover? A lot! It includes roundtrip airfare, ground transportation and meals once we arrive in the destination country, travel and accident insurance, lodging, chaperones, supplies and materials for outreach, and even a t-shirt!

What costs will trip participants need to pay in addition to the trip fee? Participants are responsible for going to a travel clinic and getting any recommended/required immunizations or travel medications (like malaria pills). Participants are also responsible for making sure they have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after the date when we return from the trip. Participants will be responsible for paying for their airport meals on the flight days of the trip. And we will probably ask participants to bring a couple of food items that might be hard to get in the country where we will be serving – maybe a couple of cans of vegetarian meat, for example. Participants will also need to bring any spending money that they think they will want on the trip – for souvenirs and snacks and church offerings and stuff like that.

So, now that we have looked at the cost, what can you do to raise money for this mission trip? On the school level, we will be doing some fundraising. For more information, check out the fundraising page. Trip participants will also receive a sample fundraising letter that can be personalized and then sent to relatives, friends and members of your church. And why not consider getting a job for this coming summer to earn money for the trip?

Hopefully this post has given you a bit of an overview of what is involved in the cost of the trip and some ideas for ways to raise money to help cover that cost. If you have questions, please contact the CWAA Chaplain.

May God bless and guide you as you plan and dream and prepare to be a part of the 2017 CWAA Mission Trip adventure!

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