We Made It To the Houston Airport!

The 2017 CWAA Bolivia Mission Trip group made it to the Houston Airport! We will soon be boarding our flight to Panama City, Panama. Please keep the group in your prayers. There have been some challenges today, but God is taking care of our needs!

An early morning view of downtown Calgary

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  1. ” We are not to wait for something great to do. We are to perform faithfully the duty lying nearest us, small though it may be. Faithfulness in the performance of small duties fits us for the bearing of larger responsibilities.”

    You are being prepared for greater responsibilities indeed. May God empower you all and may His light shine in all that you do.

  2. Cool! Can you post dates and times in your blog posts as well?
    (Also, I can’t imagine how loud that Dutch Blitz game got in the airport…especially with Mr. Schulze playing. lol)

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